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Makkal Raja Productions in Attappadi, Palakkad, Kerala.

Makkal Raja Productions in Attappadi is the leading business in Youth Organisations.

Makkal Raja Productions is a company that deals with films, government projects, and marketing, founded by Dhayanidhi SK, a young entrepreneur and film director. The company's vision is to create innovative and impactful content that can inspire and empower society, especially the rural and tribal communities in Attappadi, a region in Kerala.

The company started as a YouTube channel, where Dhayanidhi SK uploaded his videos and gained a loyal fan base. He also participated in various film festivals and competitions and won several awards and recognition for his work. He wanted to make a difference in society, and he was inspired by the plight of the tribal people in Attappadi, who faced poverty, illiteracy, and discrimination. He decided to make a film based on their lives and challenges, and he also founded Makkal Raja Productions, which means "People's King" in Tamil.

He produced and directed his debut film, Attappadi oru Kaadha, in which he also acted in the lead role. The film was a commercial success, and it received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of tribal issues. He also launched several initiatives to improve the socio-economic status of the rural society in Attappadi, such as Digital Attappadi, which provides affordable access to technology and education to the tribal communities, and Visit Attappadi, which promotes tourism and employment opportunities in the region. He also worked on his new project, Jungle Lockdown, which is a film based on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the wildlife and tribal communities of Attappadi.

Makkal Raja Productions is a company that has achieved a lot in a short period, and it has a team of talented and passionate people who share Dhayanidhi SK's vision and mission. The company's motto is "We create content to tap the hearts and minds of every audience across the world". Makkal Raja Productions is a company that is making a positive difference in the world, and it is a true inspiration for the youth and society. šŸ˜Š

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Makkal Raja Productions in Attappadi has a wide range of products and/or services to cater to the varied requirements of their customers. The staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt in providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have. This establishment is functional from 00:00 - 23:30.

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Subsidized and primarily meant only for the poor and economically weaker sections of society. However, we are still accepting the services to the other branches of people (affordable public). From the feedback Suggestion forms received from the public, there are several requests to provide a charity box so that they can also contribute to our trust. As a policy, the trust is not collecting any donations from anybody in any form. Hence, we request the affordable public pass on the differential savings, directly, by themselves, to the poor and needy people in whatever ways and means suitable to them, so that the ultimate purpose of charity reaches deserving people.

By doing so they will get a heartfelt real self

Satisfaction and also a real Service to Humanity

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

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