About our Founder

Founder of Makkal Raja Productions

Dhayanidhi SK born on 13 Aug 2004, also referred to as Makkal Raja, is a young enthusiast who is passionate about improving the socio-economic status of rural society in Attappadi by offering services to people.

He is the Founder of Makkal Raja Productions, A young Entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Digital Attappadi, He transformed an entire Attappadi into a fully digital medium.

He has also won Tamil Nadu KalaiKalanjiyam State Awards in 2021. He produces short films under his production company, Dhayanidhi Productions.


Abhishad C Unnikrishnan

Abhishad C Unnikrishnan

Chief Research and Development (R&D) Officer

Born on 25th Jan 2006, He had a deep understanding of the Indian market. As VP of Makkal Raja Productions, he oversees all aspects of the company's technology operations, including research and development, product management, and engineering. He is also the Chief Research and Development (R&D) Officer of Digital Attappadi, a non-profit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide in Attappadi.

In his role at Makkal Raja Productions, Abhishad has been instrumental in developing innovative new products and services that have helped to transform the Attappadi's media landscape.

Abhishad's work at Digital Attappadi is focused on providing affordable access to technology and education to underserved communities in India. He is leading a team of engineers and technologists who are developing new solutions to address the challenges of poverty and illiteracy.

Ajin Francis Pothanamuzhiyil

Ajin Francis Pothanamuzhiyil

Chief Legal Officer

 who plays a significant role in the Makkal Raja Productions organization. He holds the position of Chief Legal Officer, ensuring that the company adheres to legal and ethical standards. Additionally, he serves as a brand ambassador for Makkal Raja Productions.

Beyond his legal and promotional responsibilities, Ajin Francis Pothanamuzhiyil is actively involved in two notable projects: Visit Attappadi Project and Digital Attappadi Project. Visit Attappadi aims to revitalize the region's tourism sector, while Digital Attappadi focuses on bridging the digital divide within the community.